SA TrackWorks


Based on their extensive track record of crafting chart-topping hits you’d think you’d be able to spot a member of the SA TrackWorks team without even trying.  After all, the acts they’ve written and produced tracks for have sold more than 13 million albums around the world so you’d figure that they’d be household names by this point, right? 


Don’t worry; you’d be forgiven for not recognizing one of two SA TrackWorks partners – Steve Smith and Anthony Anderson – standing in line behind you at a local Vancouver coffee shop. These behind the scenes hit-makers may keep a low public profile, preferring instead to concentrate their energies on their work, but make no mistake – you’ve likely sung along with more than one of their songs on the radio or in the clubs across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Japan, the U.K., China and Taiwan. Chart-toppers, Laura Pausini, Elise Estrada and Stacie Orrico, have all benefitted from the SA TrackWorks touch. 


SA TrackWorks is the partnership of Steve Smith and Anthony Anderson . They have co-written and produced songs for acts signed to the world’s leading labels, including J Records, Universal, Sony, Atlantic, Warner, Jive, Capitol/EMI, and MTV and have spent the last decade-plus racking up accolades and hitting the top of the charts with tracks by up-and-comers and international superstars alike. 


“Everything is treated the same whether it’s a major label production or a local independent project. We don’t let anything leave the building until we’re proud to attach our names to it,” says Steve.


While playing in a band from New Orleans, the two were drawn together by a shared passion and admiration for great songs and found writing and producing to be their true calling.


While with the band, Steve and Anthony were sent by Sony Records to work with established songwriter/producers Sean Hosein and Dane DeViller. Before long Steve and Anthony were doing track and playing instruments for Sean and Dane’s productions and soon thereafter entered into a production and song writing collective that lasted 8 years. This collective has left a legacy with the song “Surrender” as it is now the most radio played song written by Canadians and performed by a foreign artist. It was the most played dance song 3 years in a row and earned the team a SOCAN Number One Award as well as a Billboard Number One Award.


SA TrackWorks clients are provided with access to a wealth of experience, complimentary talents and the ability to write and produce great songs in a variety of genres, including rock and R&B. Clients come to the team for their ability to take a raw idea or a finished song and, using their talent and experience, help an artist realize their vision. Both have an innate understanding of the dual crafts of songwriting and production and the skill to draw out the best from an artist in the studio, which is reflected in the dozens of charting singles (and their attendant awards) that have resulted from their work. 


SA TrackWorks doesn’t simply focus on song writing and popular music production, however. Their film and TV credits include major motion pictures Art of War (Wesley Snipes), Kill Switch (Steven Segal) and Damage (Steve Austin) and with a recent studio construction, the team is now able to take on full mix services in their own facility. 


Whether it’s a Hollywood film, major label release or independent artist, the SA TrackWorks team brings a depth of commitment to each project that is unmatched. “We have a philosophy of never letting anything out of our hands until it is the best it can be. We love the whole process from the inception of a song idea to the finished production,” says Anthony.


Clients and music fans couldn’t appreciate that commitment more.




Contact: satrackworks@satrackworks.com