Production and Musical Services

We are award winning musicians and producers with songs charting all over the world. If you’re an independent artist we have special rates so that you can afford to have your music sound as professional as the music on the radio. As well, we have programmed or played drums, guitars, keyboards and bass on hundreds of records that have gone on to sell millions. Artists such as Laura Pausini, Stacie Orrico, Elise Estrada, D-Crew, Brooke Nolan, Loverboy, Emmalyn Estrada, Live On Arrival, Rob Nash, and Jah Fus have all had hits with us.

Reach out. We’re interested in helping new artists get off the ground.

-       US billboard number one award

-       ASCAP Number One Award

-       SOCAN Number One Award

-       13 million units sold in the USA and Worldwide

-       14 hit singles in Canada

-       Oricon Number One in Japan

-       Multiple hits in Asia


If you’ve heard the radio in Canada you’ve heard many of our mixes. Artists as diverse as Elise Estrada, Emmalyn Estrada, Krome, Brooke Nolan, Tiffany Desrosiers, Anett Artani and Jah Fus have all had their radio singles mixed by us.

-       Mixes are world class and sound current

-       World class equipment

-       Proven track record of radio singles

-       And more radio singles!

-       7 songs playing concurrently on Canadian Top 40 radio

-       Radio singles in Rock, Pop and R&B and Dance genres.

-       Nobody is more versatile.